7 Consulting, Inc. focuses primarily on mid to large sized companies that produce a product, offer a service, or serve as a distributor or wholesaler. Our target market is defined by companies in the segment mentioned above with annual projected revenue of between 10 and 100 million dollars.

7 Consulting, Inc.
also does a great deal of work for start-up business ventures (.com) whose primary focus is to offer services over the internet. We provide the skills necessary to deliver these ventures to fruition. 7 Consulting Clients include:

eDesignerSource an e-commerce supplier of textile products to the contract interior design community.

Piermed a manufacturer and reseller of medical forms including pediatric, and adult acute care forms.

Team Cogdill an efficiency management company for large scale corporations and universities.Microfibres a manufacturer and reseller of high-end designer fabrics, and textiles.